In-house training for management system professionals

Sending employees off-site can be disruptive to operations. SAI Global Assurance Learning’s in-house training is a cost-effective option that offers the convenience of learning from qualified subject matter experts in the comfort of your workplace.

All our courses can be taught at your location across multiple topics, including Aerospace, Auditor, Automotive, Environmental, Food Safety, Integrated Management Systems, Medical Devices, Occupational Health & Safety, Quality and Online Training.

Greater job-related knowledge transfer

Help your team develop skills relevant to their roles and job responsibilities. Not only will our expert instructors come to your workplace to deliver our public courses, we’ll create customized training programs tailored to your business challenges.

We can also adapt training methods to your policies, processes and systems, enabling employees to connect course material with daily job tasks.

Promote teamwork in a confidential environment

Maintain and protect confidentiality of your systems and data, especially when the workplace setting is crucial for learning. Custom training taught in your workplace ensures only the right people learn your proprietary information, business plans and operating methods.

Build greater team dynamics using role play, case studies and live scenario training based on actual workplace situations.

Higher information retention and ROI

Group interaction reinforces learning and professional growth. Experience shows groups of six or more participating in the same session retain more information than individuals exposed to the same content. Your organization will benefit from increased collaboration built upon interactive learning.

Boost the return on your training investment even more by spending less on travel and reducing downtime.