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Keep up with the latest requirements for auditor authentication. 

The IAQG AS9100 has been mandated and sanctioned by the IAQG. All AQMS auditors (AAs/AEAs/AIEAs) must successfully complete this course to meet the Foundation’s training requirement for AS9100 (AS9100, EN9100, JISQ9100).

The course focuses on how to audit the requirements of AS9100 with a process-based audit approach utilizing AS9101E. Significant emphasis is placed on how to audit for effectiveness as well as conformance. The course is a blended program that includes a combination of online modules which provides the foundation for the instructor-led training, assessment and evaluation.

  • Individuals seeking certification as a 3rd party AQMS auditor through an Auditor Authentication Body (AAB)
  • Individuals who want to be able to conduct 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party audits to the requirements of AS9100 based on AS9101
  • Experienced members of an AS9100 implementation team
  • Supplier auditors
  • Utilize process-based auditing techniques and methodologies
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the AS9100 and AS9101 requirements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to audit AS9100 for conformity and effectiveness through the application of the process approach
  • Apply the requirements of AS9101 and associated forms properly
  • Apply knowledge through a practicum based on the AS9101 standard to include as follows: a combination of lecture, a case study, role-playing, and group activities.
  • Student interview utilizing forms and documents completed during activities and a mock audit based on AS9101.

Those who pass will receive a certificate of successful completion that satisfies the Foundation’s training course requirement for AA/AEA authentication through an approved AAB.

New auditors should review the requirements for certification as an aerospace auditor outlined in 9104/3. The AATT course fulfills the requirements of the 9104/3 Foundation Course.

Final scores and the determination Pass/Fail are provided by the IAQG.

Participants must complete all prerequisite requirements prior to attending the instructor-led training.

Participants that fail to complete the prerequisites will not be able to sit for the final examinations during the course and will only be eligible for a Certificate of Attendance.

Basically, there are three elements to the AATT course:

  • Online Modules
  • Instructor Led Training
  • Final Exam

Online Modules
To pre-qualify for the instructor led training, participants must first complete and pass the IAQG self-paced, on-line training modules entitled “Foundations: Understanding AS9100 e-Learning” and “Foundations: Understanding AS9101 e-Learning”. Please take the following steps in order to take these modules.

  • Register for the online modules through the following link (Plexus): https://www.iaqgtraining.com/home – Go to bottom of page under “Help” and open “New Users: Registration Instructions. There is a cost associated with this training, details of which will be available when you register through the above link.
  • Take the initial exam. If you score 90% or better you have the option to continue with the online modules or go on to attend the Instructor-led Training. This exam is taken at the beginning of the modules so you may bypass them if you are successful. If you opt out of going through the balance of the online training modules, you will still have access to them for reference during the instructor-led training, with a user name and password.
  • If you score less than 90% you must complete all of the online modules to get a certificate of completion before attending the Instructor Led Training.

Instructor-Led Training and Final Exam
This 4-classroom based course is described above. During the first three days the participants will develop an audit package through various exercises. The instructors will evaluate the participants ongoing participation and learning throughout the class.

The course concludes with three examinations of your ability:

  • An online knowledge examination in which a score of 80% or higher must be achieved
  • An application examination in which participants will be evaluated based on their applied knowledge of AS9100. A score of 80% or higher must be achieved.
  • An oral interview with the instructors to review your audit package and explain your conclusions.
  • An aggregate score on all three of 80% or higher is required to pass. The final scores are tallied and provided within 10 days of the examination date.
  • Participants bring to the class their own internet-ready laptop. A wired or wireless internet connection will be provided by SAI Global Assurance Learning.

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