> environmental management training>vILT Auditing an Environmental Management System 14001:2015

This 2-day course provides attendees with a thorough insight into Environmental Management System requirements based on the ISO 14001 Standard.

Course attendees will develop a full understanding of ISO 14001: 2015 and how it can be interpreted and applied in a variety of different business/industry sectors. Throughout the course a series of activities will provide the opportunity for attendees to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained.

This course can be purchased individually or combined with courses on auditing and leading audit teams dependent upon individual objectives.

The target group with those responsible for conducting internal or external Environmental Management Performance Audits (including second and third party auditors) and evaluating an organization’s arrangements against their commitments.

  • Apply the discipline-specific knowledge and skills of Environmental Auditors as identified in ISO 19011
  • Apply techniques used in the identification of environmental aspects and impacts
  • Evaluate and explain the significance of environmental impacts
  • Analyze and validate environmental objectives and management and monitoring regimes relating to a range of industry types
  • Describe and identify the relationship and differences between a range of audit types
  • Evaluate current environmental issues, their inter-relationship and how they relate to the auditing process
  • Identify key pieces of environmental legislation and define their relevance in the context of environmental auditing
  • Describe and explain the roles and responsibilities of the auditor the audit team and other relevant bodies
  • Plan, initiate, implement, manage, monitor and review a broad range of audit programs
  • Demonstrate the main competences required for leading and environmental audit and the main competencies required in an audit

SAI Global Assurance Learning is a certified training provider for the following Exemplar Global competency unit(s):

  • Exemplar Global – EM – Environmental Management Systems


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