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To gain a better understanding of the requirements for the BRCGS Food Safety Issue 8 Auditor Training, please contact us today!

This course has been designed to enable delegates to gain a full understanding of the general principles of the Standard, and how to comply with the requirements.

Delegates will also gain an understanding of what to expect during the process of certification, and actions needed prior to, during and after the audit.

  • The BRCGS scheme
  • The complete requirements of the Standard
  • BRCGS auditing protocol
  • Effective auditing techniques and completing the audit report
  • Compliance monitoring of certification bodies
  • The BRCGS Directory

Prior to attending the course, attendees must have:

  • A working knowledge of quality management systems and auditing within the relevant manufacturing sector.
  • Completed a HACCP course of at least two days duration
  • Read and reviewed a copy of the Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8
  • New BRCGS Auditors (who already hold a Lead Assessor qualification)
  • Technical and Quality Managers from sites who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the BRCGS audit process
  • Consultants

Auditor Training 50 question exam, pass mark of 75% required to be deemed competent.

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