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Based on SQF Edition 8. 

The SQF Advanced Practitioner course is designed for the current SQF practitioner who is seeking further education on how to improve and maintain their company’s SQF System. The SQF Advanced Practitioner course provides the tools needed to improve and advance the food safety system in the facility and manage the ongoing maintenance of the SQF Program. 
  • SQF Practitioners
  • Back-up SQF Practitioners
  • SQF Internal Auditors
  • Production Managers
  • Plant Managers

The activity-based course addresses the following areas:

  • Using the internal audit program to manage, maintain and enhance the SQF system
  • Utilizing the corrective action/preventive action process as a tool to identify trends and build continuous improvement
  • Improving the demonstration of management’s commitment and developing and prioritizing key performance indicators
  • Preparation for the re-certification audit

To ensure an optimal learning experience and fully benefit from this course, it is recommended that participants meet the following pre-requisites prior to attending the course:

  • Must have been through at least one successful (C-complies rating or higher) SQF certification/ re-certification process as the designated SQF practitioner; successfully completed a HACCP training class that includes a final assessment; and successfully completed the Implementing SQF Systems examination

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