> food safety training>VILT Nonconformities and Root Cause Analysis for Food Safety

This practical, hands on 1-day course teaches attendees how to use a simple, effective approach to correcting and preventing problems or nonconformities that exist anywhere in the organization.

For a Food Safety and Quality Management System to be effective on an ongoing basis, an organization should have a systematic method for identifying actual and potential nonconformities, making corrections and taking corrective and preventative action, ideally, preventing problems before they occur. An efficient Food Safety Quality Management System has to ensure completeness of steps such as initiation, requesting, implementing and communicating the corrective/preventive action (CAPA) associated with processes and activities.

  • Food Safety Professionals
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Employees
  • Production professionals
  • Sanitation professionals
  • Classification of Nonconformities
  • Difference between correction and preventive action
  • How to manage root cause analysis
  • Verify effectiveness of root cause analysis

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