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Gain the qualifications and skills you need in order to audit your company’s SQF system effectively and with confidence. This 2-day interactive course will ensure you have the ability to evaluate the compliance of the processes and procedures of the system as implemented.

Learn how to develop audit schedules in order to inspect and verify the programs in a “scope” of inspection. The designated trainee will be instructed in developing the frequency of internal audits and how to communicate audit findings to management. This training will teach class members how to develop corrective actions of deficiencies while conducting internal audits. Finally, preventative action measures will be taught in order to eliminate the re-occurrence of deficiencies from the system.

  • SQF Practitioners
  • Internal Audit Team Members
  • Food Safety Professionals
  • Quality Assurance & Production professionals
  • Identify the requirements of an SQF Internal Audit
  • Overview of SQF System Elements and Food Safety Fundamental Requirements
  • Planning and preparation for your SQF Internal Audit
  • Select and train your Internal Audit Team Members
  • Conduct Audits and report writing
  • CAPA and Root Cause Analysis Report (2.5.5.)
  • Provide results of the Internal Audit to improve your SQF System

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