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This is a Probitas Authentication Certified Course. 

Gain an understanding of the processes employed by the Aviation, Space and Defense Industry.

This 26-hour (3-day) course is a highly participative course that provides detailed discussion on a wide variety of Aviation, Space and Defense (ASD) topics as defined by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). Practical workshops and simulated situations are used to develop an understanding of the material. A one hour examination is conducted on the last day.

The topics in this course are generally independent of the revision of the standard. When possible, references to the requirements of AS9100D will be made.

  • An auditor who wants to become an Aerospace Experience Auditor (AEA) and has 2 in the past 15 years of full-time work experience in quality activities in the aviation, space and defense arena
  • Those who will lead the AS9100 certification or conformity effort in their company
  • Anyone who wants to obtain detailed information and a strong background in aerospace activities

Meets all requirements of AS9104-3 Appendix A.3 9100 AEROSPACE INDUSTRY SPECIFIC COURSE, including:

  • Discussion of ASD industry quality perspective
  • Discussion of civil aviation authority roles, responsibilities and regulations, including how to obtain additional information
  • Discussion of the principles of military aerospace requirements and regulations, including how to obtain additional information
  • Discussion of government space organization roles, responsibilities and regulations, including how to obtain additional information
  • Explanation of the process of first article inspection (AS9102)
  • Discussion of airworthiness and aviation safety requirements, including how to obtain additional information
  • Discussion of the design, development, verification and validation processes specific to the aerospace industry
  • Discussion of aerospace material traceability requirements
  • Discussion of aerospace material/parts status accountability systems
  • Identification of aerospace subcontractor approval and control requirements
  • Explanation of variation management of key characteristics (AS9103)
  • Description of flow down of quality requirements
  • Explanation of FOD prevention program requirements (AS9145)
  • Discussion of the use of customer supplied products
  • Explanation of calibration controls and positive recall system
  • Discussion of acceptance authority media (i.e. use of stamps, stamp control, electronic sign off)
  • Discussion of nonconforming material, system requirements and operation
  • Explanation of sampling inspection requirements and limitations
  • Explanation of tool control activities
  • Discussion of special process requirements
  • Explanation of configuration management/requirements control
  • Description of the product qualification process
  • Description/explanation of the source approval process

This course is certified by Probitas Authentication and meets the training requirements as established in AS9104/3, clause A.3. Successful completion of this training satisfies the Probitas Authentication’s requirements for Aerospace Industry Specific Training in its Aerospace Auditor Certification Program.

Please note: This course is separate from the IAQG-sanctioned training. Please refer to our web site for details on the Aerospace Auditor Transition Training.


To gain maximum benefit from this course, attendees should already be familiar with the AS9100 Rev D.standard

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