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To gain a better understanding of the requirements for the BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 Auditor Training, please contact us today!

Completion of this course will allow you to confidently manage BRCGS certification whilst driving improvement in food safety. It will also assist in providing a higher level of due diligence to both customers and manufacturers.

The BRCGS Food / Issue 9 Auditor Training course has been designed to give you a full understanding of the general principles of the requirements of the Standard, including fundamental clauses and statements of intent, and how to undertake a BRC Global Standards audit, including planning and reporting of the audit.

This BRCGS course covers: An introduction to the BRCGS Food Issue 8 Standard The background and benefits of the Standard A detailed review of the requirements of each section of the Standard Audit protocols Post audit requirements Auditor requirements BRC Global Standard Resources Course exam (optional)

Delegates should have read and reviewed a copy of the Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9. This is available to download from the BRCGS Bookshop (www.brcgsbookshop.com), or hard copies (with integral guide) are available to purchase from the BRCGS bookshop.

By Completing this BRCGS training, delegates should be able to: Describe the scope of companies and products covered by the Standard Know what is required to comply with the requirements of the Standard Prepare for an audit to the Standard Understand the protocol for audits to the Standard

What are the terms and conditions for this course?

You can find a copy of the terms and conditions as well as a copy of the Student Handbook.

The student handbook is a comprehensive summary of student rights and obligations and SAI Global learning policies and practices.

How do I access my certificate?

Your Certificate of Achievement will be sent to you on completion of the course.

What if I require assistance in completing this course?

We are able to modify some course requirements – please contact customer support to discuss any concerns or support requirements you may have. For example; Literacy, numeracy, physical, vision or hearing support.

What other course should I complete after this one?

Other relevant courses that build on the knowledge and skills gained in this course include; Principles and Applications of HACCP, Internal Food Safety Auditing courses.

Who do I contact in case of any questions?

For any course-related queries, please email customer support at training.americas@saiglobal.com or phone 1-877-426-0714.

This training is suitable for new BRCGS auditors who already hold a Lead Assessor qualification, Consultants and technical and quality managers from sites who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the BRCGS audit process.

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