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This is a Probitas Authentication Certified Course.

This 8-hour (1-day) course is designed to meet the full requirements of AS9104/3 section A.4. It is a highly participative course which provides detailed discussion on a variety of aerospace maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO) topics. The training concentrates primarily on the topics cited in AS9104/3. Practical workshops and simulated situations are used to develop an understanding of the material. A one hour examination is conducted at the end of the course.

This course is intended for a variety of audiences:

  • The auditor who wants to become an AS9110 Aerospace Experience Auditor (AEA), does not have four years in the last ten years work experience in quality activities in the aerospace arena and does not have two years full time work experience performing repair/maintenance in the last four years
  • Those who will lead the AS9110 certification or conformity effort in their company
  • Anyone who wants to obtain detailed information a strong background in aerospace maintenance and repair activities

Note: The 8 hours of course time is the minimum for course instruction and does not include time taken for lunch or breaks.

  • Individuals who want to become Probitas Authentication certified AS9110 Aerospace Experienced Auditors
  • Auditors (AEA) and who do not have four years in the last ten years work experience in aerospace, do not have two years work experience in an MRO facility in the last four years and are otherwise qualified to become an AEA
  • Individuals who will lead the AS9110 certification or conformance effort in their company
  • Individuals who seek a better understanding of aerospace activities
  • Quality Professionals and Management Representatives
  • Representatives from companies seeking AS9110 registration
  • Auditors seeking an understanding of the requirements for auditing in the aerospace arena

To gain maximum benefit from this course, attendees should already be familiar with the previous edition of AS9110 Rev B standard and have an understanding of 14 CFR 145

  • Explanation of the CAA (i.e. FAA) requirements for maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO) stations (i.e. 14CFR145 and 147, EASA Implementing Rule part M), including how to get additional information
  • Description of the tool control process in an MRO facility
  • Explanation of the “Return to Service” process and the paperwork necessary to complete and document the activity
  • Explanation of the flight test process
  • Description of an effective functional check flight process including practice in identifying and verifying an effective process
  • Description of the weight and balance process
  • Description of acceptable aircraft marshaling/wing walking techniques
  • Description of how each of these topics relates to the AS9110 audit process
  • Writing a proper nonconformity statement (required in all certified aerospace courses)

Throughout the course, many examples of the topics discussed will be given via internet accesses where available. Also, there will be some discussion of a number of aerospace industry standards, including the AS9104 trilogy, AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120. However, there is no detailed discussion of AS9100/AS9110/AS9120 and/or the differences between these standards. A discussion of AS9100 and AS9110 is included in our AS9100 and AS9110 Aerospace Standard Auditor courses.

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Time Zone: EASTERN Time This is a Probitas Authentication Certified Course.
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